IT security

Office 2003 SP3 blocks old file formats. (The move was done for security, says Microsoft)

Microsoft Corp. deliberately broke access to older files, includingmany generated by its own products, to step up security with thenewest Office 2003 service pack, a company evangelist said yesterday. The ...

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The 8 Hottest Skills for 2008 ((AJAX, .Net, XML, PHP and other Web 2.0 programming))

No one is mistaking the current IT jobs market for the one thatsizzled during the dot-com days and inflated salaries to astronomicalrates. But as our economy wrestles with a high ...

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Guide for Computer Maintenance

When you turn on your computer, does it act like it needs a coffee towake up? When you surf around the Internet, are you bombarded with pop-up windows? Does your ...

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