Managed Professional Services

Our flexible managed IT & Print services are built to fit your business for the most cost-effective IT support.  

As our team become your full-time IT department, we take over all the day-to-day IT related tasks and responsibility of your network and data, leaving your staff able to concentrate on your core business.

A bespoke package designed to suit the exact IT requirements of your business will be created by our experienced team.   

Fixed-price Platinum Plus IT Service

Our Platinum Plus Managed IT Service is an all-inclusive, fixed-price IT service designed to provide IT services to businesses of all sizes without having to worry about spiralling IT costs.

Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance

Don’t let a problem become an issue. Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance takes a proactive approach to the smooth working of your IT systems.

Managed Print Services

Looking for a smarter and more cost efficient way to manage your spiralling print costs? With Resolution IT’s managed print service, you simply pay for what you print and we take care of the rest.

IT Health Checks

These aim to identify faults before they become a problem, ensuring servers run as efficiently as possible to prevent disruption or downtime.

Thorough and comprehensive checks include running test restores of the backup, installing any required service packs and security updates, ensuring there is adequate free storage space, checking UPS equipment (backup battery) is fully operational and thoroughly checking the general state of the server and event logs.

  • Ensuring IT systems are secure
  • Mitigating disruption and downtime
  • Problem prevention
  • Avoiding expensive fixes

Guaranteed Response Service

Promises fast response to business critical issues.

Clients can pre-agree response times to suit the requirements of their business. The response covers both on-site or by using remote access, whichever is most appropriate or effective. Response times can be as quick as half an hour for on-site or immediately remote.

Guaranteed Response:

  • Minimising downtime
  • Fast professional response
  • Client peace of mind