3D Printed Fuzzy Watches: Latest trend with 3D printing experts

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We would think that normal 3D printing technologies cannot produce things like sponges and fluffy accessories, or anything similar, and we would be right. Luckily, there are people looking into things besides normal technologies.

One such person is Ignacio Garcia, the founder and CEO of Recreus, a company that became relatively well known some time ago for inventing the FilaFlex flexible filament. Try to say that ten times in quick succession.

Because 3D printing technologies as they are today weren’t meant to make those types of objects we spoke about, special materials can compensate for the drawbacks of FDM, SLA and other techniques.

Long story short, Garcia managed to use “baking texture geometry” and MODO 3D modeling to create fuzzy textures. The FilaFlex filament was used to provide elasticity to each piece of fuzz as it were.

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