Cyber Security

Understanding your cyber security risk is half the battle.
Not a week goes by without news appearing of yet another high profile cyber attack. With the rise of the IoT, mobile working of staff and the continuing scarity of cyber security experts, businesses will need to really understand where their weak cyber points are and be prepared to mitigate those risks. Boards need to understand that IT does not equal security and it is their responsibility to put the right protection in place. They also need to be aware and trained to recognise that the cyber threat might also exist within their own business.

Managed Security Services

We offer a range of services that align with recognised cyber security frameworks, depending on where you are on your cyber security journey.

Cyber Security Assessments

Not sure if your cyber security systems stack up? Contact us for a review.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Our cyber security consultancy service offers you the reassurance of your own vISO (Virtual Information Security Officer). This would include a risk assessment, with Board presentations and security reports which can be done annually, biannually, quarterly or monthly, depending on the level of consultancy required.

IT Cyber Compliance

The cyber security landscape is changing all the time and businesses need to make sure they have taken all necessary measures to protect themselves and their data.

Cyber Security Training

With people generally regarded as the weakest cyber link in a business, it is essential your staff are aware of the very latest threats. We offer invaluable cyber security training sessions for your staff in small and interactive groups so your staff are not your weakest link.