Hyatt Hotel Hacked Malware found on Its Payment System

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Hyatt, the global hotel chain with 627 properties across more than 50 countries, is the latest in its industry to suffer a cyber security attack.

In an announcement devoid of specific information or details, the company revealed that it “recently identified malware on computers that operate the payment processing systems for Hyatt-managed locations.” Upon that discovery, it said, it began an investigation with third-party security experts that remains ongoing.

Hyatt didn’t say how many of its locations were affected, how exactly customer data might be compromised, nor how many customers may be impacted. It did say, though, that it has created a dedicated webpage where it will post updates from the investigation — that’s

Hyatt is just the latest hotelier to get hit by such an attack. Hilton, Starwood and Mandarin Oriental are among the others to have been hacked this year alone.

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