Vitee: Events Discovery App for Bahrain

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vitee app
Vitee, Bahrain’s very own interactive events discovery app. Vitee was founded in 2014, the idea was to create a social network that could share and keep track of events happening in the region. Started by three young ambitious Bahraini entrepreneurs, trying to build the tech scene in Bahrain.

It is a two way system, where event promoters input content about events into the app using our dashboard. It is a convenient and easy to use tool for advertising their events, gathering necessary data for future events and even selling tickets.

On the other end are the users who search for events on the app, are able to search by category, location, and event promoter. The app is all about customization to a user’s interests, From the moment a user signs up, the app notes down their interests (whether it’s art, music or entertainment) and consecutively recommends event promoters for them to follow – based on their selection. This customizability is reflected throughout the app, putting users in complete control of the content they receive.

The app is now available on both Android and iOS

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