5 apps to help you save time and energy during Ramadan

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Ramadan is all about worship and giving, so our efforts are all focused on the spiritual growth during the holy month. However, with so many distractions, our focus can be easily taken. According to a survey about productivity in Ramadan, rolled out in 10 countries, 65% of the Muslim respondents thought they could have done much better during Ramadan, 17% were very disappointed with the quality of the spirituality and only 18% were very satisfied.

To help out to focus in the holy month’s activities, Hepling.ae, the leading online platform to book a cleaner in the Middle East, placed five ways to help you to outsource some of your time consuming tasks and save time and energy to help you concentrate on the real meaning of Ramadan.

1. Skip cooking and still have a great meal
Cooking for family and friends is always delightful, however cooking yourself can lead to a lot of time and energy expenditure. But having food outside the home also has a downside when you are not confident about the restaurant and the quality of the food they will be serving you. To solve that issue, you can use apps like Zomato, to order the food and check the restaurant reviews, you can save time and ensure a great meal.

2. Getting your house tidy after iftar
A clean and tidy house is essential to receive your beloved ones in, however cleaning is one of the tasks that most consumes energy. In the holy month, when all practices shall be oriented to the spiritual aspect, you can outsource cleaning through Helpling.ae. Giving you more time and energy to dedicate to what Ramadan is all about.

3. Keeping your clothes flawless
Saving energy shouldn’t be an excuse to leave your clothes untidy, apps like Washmen.com and Laundrybox.com can easily help you with this task. Through the platforms you can schedule your dirty clothes’ pick up and receive them cleaned.

4. Ensure you have enough goods at home
While planning your evening activities, working and dedicating more time to pray, we can easily get overwhelmed and forget basic things. To help you with that, you can use Trolley.ae to shop your goods without having to spend even more energy to leave home and get a huge queue at the supermarket.

5. Impressing your beloved ones with cooking abilities
If you really want to cook to add a more personal touch for your evening meetings and still don’t want to spend so much time on planning and buying the goods, you can order a cooking box from Dinnertime.me. You can create a great experience with your guests and still save energy to focus on important tasks at the next day.

About Helpling:
Helpling is the leading online platform for home services in the Middle East. On the website or via app, customers can book a vetted and professional cleaner and gain back free time within a couple of clicks.
The German company currently has more than 300 employees and offers its services in 9 countries, throughout 3 continents. Helpling is supported by Rocket Internet, whose network consists of companies such as Namshi, Talabat, and Wadi.

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