Acer 3D Projector

Some may be tempted to believe the NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play technology only works on television sets or monitors, but Acer has just proven that this is not the case, by releasing the H6510BD. Since the name doesn’t make it overly clear, we will start by saying that the Acer H6510BD is a projector. 

More precisely, it is a projector that can play more or less every sort of video, photo and gaming content out there, coming from PCs or other sources. An analog RGB/component video (D-Sub) is one input, while two HDMI ports (video, audio, HDCP), three RCA, one S-Video and regular PC audio stereo mini jacks complete the ensemble of supported media sources. 

The Blu-ray 3D, DLP 3D, and NVIDIA 3DTV Play technologies are the real assets of the unit though. Not only do they allow 3D films to be played, they also enable the conversion of 2D content into 3D. And all the while the image quality will be high, and the brightness will be several levels of magnitude above what is required for nighttime watching. 

This makes it useful even when it isn’t night outside. The exact number of lumens is 3000 (ANSI) and the contrast ratio is of 10,000:1 (DynamicBlack). All in all, the Acer H6510BD can enthrall watchers with crisp projections of anything they have stored on their PCs, tablets, portable media gadgets, etc.

When ambient light is low enough that maximum brightness is not required, the ExtremeEco mode can be entered, which reduces energy use by up to 70%. As for the lamp, it is said to have a life of around 7,000 hours. Not exactly immortal but, in the grand scheme of things, it is actually quite a lot. Acer’s H6510BD projector measures 10.4 x 8.7 x 1.3 inches (264 x 220 x 33 mm) and weighs 4.8 pounds (2.17 kilograms). 

It will start selling soon for the remarkably low price of $799 (BHD 302).

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