Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Just two months after Acer has revealed the Aspire S7 Ultrabook at the recently concluded Computex 2012, the Taiwanese manufacturer has also divulged its pricing and release date. From the looks of it, the device couldn’t seem to wait for the October release of Windows 8 and therefore has to settle with Windows 7 for the time being. Acer has exhausted all means to make sure that the thin Aspire S7 will stand out in the ultrabook-crowded market. 

For starters, it has coated its ultrabook with an impressive “white glass” coating which would somehow set it apart from the current ultra-thin title holder, Apple’s MacBook Air. Furthermore, its fold-back touchscreen added feature will undoubtedly gain a thumbs-up rating from Apple fans as well. By default, the Aspire S7 from Acer features a processor of Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge, SSD storage of 128GB, RAM of 4GB, memory card reader and USB ports, and HDMI. Battery life will last for 12 hours which seems that it is unfettered with the ultrabook’s backlit keyboard feature. Users can choose between the 11.6- and the 13.3-inch variants and can opt to have their machines upgraded in the long run. Whether it’s the Core i7 chip, more SSD space, bigger RAM, or all of the given options, the Aspire S7 is more than willing to satisfy its users’ cravings. Acer has originally planned to reveal the pricing and release date of its Aspire S7 by the end of August when the IFA 2012 consumer electronics ultra-show commences in Berlin. Since the company has already announced that the ultrabook will be released by the end of September and will sell at $1,465 (BHD 550).

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