Acer Web Surf Station DX241H: Release & Price

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People who really don’t want the bulky PC in their homes or work areas might want to consider having the all-in-onedevice that Acer is introducing in its new DX241H web station. The DX241H is the all-in-one internet terminal which grants you online access without being connected to a PC. Once you get hold of this, I bet it would surely turn you on!
The DX241H is a 24-inch monitor that boasts a full HD 1920×1080 LCD display. It has an integrated web browser coupled with a media player which uses Acer’s software that lets user stream his or her favorite video and other media from devices available on the network. There’s also DLNA compatibility, WiFi and Ethernet present.
It will be released in the markets around the world by May 2011 & the expected price will be around $495 (187 BHD).

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