Adopting Industry 4.0 Technologies in Bahrain by Sage

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Sage Middle East, the leading provider of business management solutions will host a luncheon discussion in Bahrain as part of its GCC series of discussions on trends in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Industry 4.0 technologies, which have four defining characteristics, vertical networking, horizontal integration, through-engineering, and acceleration through exponential technologies, can cause innovative changes in the organization and market.

“To reap the benefits from Industry 4.0 technologies, organizations need to be prepared for these fascinating changes. If there is no preparation, opportunities for organization growth and profit can be missed,” commented Mr. Reggie Fernandes, Regional Director of Sage ME.

Industry 4.0 is usually defined as the fourth wave of the industrial revolution operating within the universe of the internet of things, people, services and data where communication between machines (M2M) without human intervention is a particular feature. Sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing are some examples of technologies that are used in organization work flows that operate in an Industry 4.0 environment.

“Industry 4.0 and other similar innovative technologies will need similar innovative processes and policies. We want to showcase our readiness to tackle the future through our products and services, especially Sage X3,” commented Mr. Fernandes.

Bahrain’s entrepreneurial drive is instrumental in using Industry 4.0 technologies to bolster development in sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and construction in the country. The use of these technologies within the ecosystem of the internet of things, people, services, and data will lead to value creation along the entire product life-cycle. The luncheon discussion will be held at Crowne Plaza, Bahrain on 23rd November.

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