After Earth: Scientology Movie (Review & Trailer)

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Will Smith and Jaden Smith’s new movie, “After Earth,” comes out in theaters in coming days

. Telling the story of a father and son stranded on a deserted and extremely dangerous Earth, the film has already been trashed by critics.

Chances are this new report by Matt Patches of won’t be doing it any favors either because it pretty much highlights similarities between the film and the Church of Scientology, a cult the Smiths have long been denying any involvement with.

And yet, that they’re Scientologists is considered one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets.

The fact that Will Smith is credited for the story of the film (the screenplay is by Gary Whitta and M. Night Shyamalan) would certainly seem to support Mr. Patches’ theory.

And that is that the film is a fable / propaganda piece for Scientology, of how man can conquer the world he’s entitled to if only he can conquer his fear first, be reborn, completely separate from his previous life.

The argument is a lengthy one and I won’t present it here because it includes too *many spoilers. However, you will find it in full here: it’s definitely an interesting read that could help you put things into perspective.

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