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Amazon today launched a new e-book and audiobook subscription service, dubbed Kindle Unlimited.
For $9.99 a month, you can read to your heart’s content—as long as Amazon stocks your stories.
Initial content includes best sellers like the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, as well as titles from Michael Lewis, Sara Gruen, Stephen Covey, Robert Penn Warren, Michael Chabon, William Goldman, Anthony Bourdain, and Lois Lowry, among others.

You can also find thousands of classics, including Animal Farm, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Cat’s Cradle, plus books featuring beloved childrens’ characters, reference titles from the For Dummies series, and Lonely Planet travel guides.
“With Kindle Unlimited, you won’t have to think twice before you try a new author or genre—you can just start reading and listening,” Russ Grandinetti, senior vice president of Kindle, said in a statement.
For those long car rides or bedtime lullabies, choose from more than 2,000 Audible audiobooks, and listen to favorites like the Hunger Games trilogy, Life of Pi, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, and Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies.

“You can easily switch between reading and listening to a book, allowing the story to continue even when your eyes are busy,” Grandinetti said.
Amazon will also open the service to its Kindle exclusive books, as well as thousands of stories that are 100 pages or less, including Kindle Singles. Unlimited users can also take advantage of other Kindle features, like Whispersync, Popular Highlights, X-Ray, customer reviews, and Goodreads integration.

Amazon is offering a 30-day free Kindle Unlimited trial, and the subscription comes with a three-month Audible membership and access to more than 150,000 professionally narrated titles.
The new Unlimited service is available anywhere you can download the Kindle app: Kindle devices, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, and Windows 8.
News of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service first emerged earlier this week when someone noticed a leaked page for the service online. Amazon quickly pulled it down in advance of today’s announcement.

Amazon’s new offering will compete with other e-book subscription services, like Oyster and Scribd. The latter launched on Kindle Fire in January, promising more than 400,000 books from 900-plus publishers for $8.99 per month.
For more, watch PCMag Live in the video below, which discusses Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


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