Amazon Online Pay TV Service

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Amazon has been conferring with three big shot media outfits in the hopes of launching Amazon Pay TV service and this, in turn will prove to reach more audiences and at the same time boost their revenues to a higher peg in the market ladder.

Although still a rumor (unless proven otherwise), the offer of Amazon will equip cable and/or satellite TV channels with the company’s free shipping service. Other major companies including Google and Sony are also treading on the same waters as Amazon and will most likely to push and go alongside Verizon who recently acquired the rights of Intel’s media arm.

This, on the other hand will prove to a bit of a struggle for both Verizon and Amazon as most media companies are somewhat cautious on these kinds of agreements, although Seattle, Washington based company has a slight edge over its competitors in such a way that they have established a good working relationship with several TV networks by means of offering shows and movies on demand on their Prime Instant Video service.

The company is still under negotiations with the three companies and it’s still on the far side of things whether they should pursue the plan or to backtrack and think about things. They are likewise reported to be working on a set-top box that will stream video contents.

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