Android KitKat will work on Low-End Gadgets & Wearable Devices

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Google’s next mobile OS Android KitKat will soon be outed with new improvements designed to fit the minimum requirements of low-end or entry-level mobile devices. It will lay to rest the fragmentation thing associated with the Android OS and will be optimizing the processing power of Android gadgets with minimum specs such as those with 512MB memory. This makes the mobile OS update ideal for wearables such as a tech-filled eyeglass and a smartwatch.

It can now emulate the function of a motion processor found in Apple’s newest iPhone model because of its support for step counters and detection as well as geomagnetic rotation vector, sensors that are of great use to a wearable glass or a smartwatch. Google has a lot of projects on the pipeline such as making it possible for a smartphone to control a TV or other technological gadgets. The Android KitKat also features a fullscreen display capability that allows users to tinker with interfaces even as the navigation bar remains hidden. The OS could be a potential candidate for all types of Android-powered devices making them bow to its commands in whatever setting, a practical connotation of one OS “to rule them all”.

In addition, KitKat will promote the use of Near-Field Communication functionality as it also boosts the performance of a Bluetooth. More things are yet to come with this OS and we’ll hear some of them in the coming days hopefully.

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