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All you social-networking bigwigs out there, you better take heed! App.Net is on its way to the big leagues. Apparently, App.Net has finally reached its goal of $500,000 (BHD 188,500) through a crowd-funding campaign. Their plans of making another social network will move forward through this event. 

The amount of money goal was actually reached with a lot of days to spare because of some new sponsors. The project is actually being done in order to have an open API framework which lets developers in on the good stuff. 

People (some 7,800 sponsors) pledged money for different kinds of membership privileges. According to reports, if you want a basic membership which costs only $50 dollars, you become a member for a year. You give about $1,000, then you get to have access to different tools and telephone support for developers. It is quite neat! 

There have a been some other social networking projects which have been launched a few years back but they are not as famous or well-received such as Facebook and Twitter. Apparently, Dalton Caldwell, founder, would like to tap into the frustrations of developers and develop a new social networking site which gives priority to developers and not advertisers. Hopefully, sometime really good will come out of this. Just check back and relax for more updates in the future. 

An earlier version of the network is available at

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