Apple annouces iPhone 5 Event

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On September 12, the world will be waiting on it feets for the next iPhone 5. Everyone will drop whatever they’re doing. All eyes and ears are focused in just one direction. 

Apple, the iPhone maker, is throwing out a party for its next generation iPhone and all attendees are by invitation only. The iPhone 5 is probably the most scrutinized, rumored, and leaked Apple product. Almost every hour of every day, a new picture of the handset’s rumored screen, case, connector jack, as well as headphones have been popping out over the Internet. We can’t help but think if every detail about the new iPhone 5 has already been revealed or there’s still a lot more to discover on Apple’s press event. What can we really expect from the anticipated iPhone 5 party? 

Several things would be revolving around the event such as name, design, screen, dock connector, 4G LTE connectivity, processor, Apple’s next generation of iOS, Siri, NFC, new camera, and other Apple products gracing the event. It doesn’t really matter how the new iPhone would be called as long as such names pertain to the same handset. Also, we’ve already seen a lot of phones that are taller and wider but there’s something about the iPhone 5’s new design which gives a whole new excitement enough to keep fans drooling. 

Only a few more days to go before we finally see all these rumors come to life. If you’ve got an invitation from Apple, hold on to it and keep it somewhere safe as it would surely be the most important piece of paper you’ve ever had in your lifetime.

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