Apple HomePod

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HomePod is Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo, but with more of a focus on music and sound quality. HomePod includes impressive sound and also supports Siri commands. Launched February 9, 2018.


  • Superior sound and microphone technology
  • Siri integration
  • Apple designed woofer
  • Seven tweeters
  • 7-inch mesh body
  • Spatial recognition
  • Stereo sound, AirPlay 2

The Apple HomePod is priced BHD 99 ($262).

This comes as a surprise since Apple hardware generally priced higher in our region.

As of now, the only product that is up against Apple’s offering is Amazon‘s Echo Studio, which costs BHD 115 ($305).


HomePod, like the Apple TV and the iPad, serves as a HomeKit hub. As a HomeKit hub, HomePod enables remote access for HomeKit devices, allowing them to be controlled when a user is away from home.

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