Apple iPad Mini 4

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Apple has made a refresh of its iPad Mini series introducing the fourth generation mini tablet packed with new upgrades sought by fans from its predecessor. The new device now features an 8MP camera, A8 CPU and is powered by the latest iOS 9 platform. The company’s been known to unveil new versions of the iPad every October but this time, the revelation is just a part of the iPhone reveal event. It has been two years, however, that Apple made changes to the smaller iPad and despite this year’s iPad Pro release, the small one is still getting popular among budget-conscious Apple loyalists.

Its internal is believed to contain updates similar to the iPad Air 2 while it screen size remains intact at 7.9-inch. The latest A8 chip is also a welcomed upgrade making multitasking possible especially with the iOS 9. In addition to being small, it is also lighter and thinner when compared to last year’s version. Its 8 megapixel rear camera is similar with iPad Air 2 while storage capacity is still the same starting at 16GB up to 128GB.

Buyers can choose colors ranging from silver, gold and gray but what makes it fascinating is the retention of Retina display.For those interested, iPad Mini 4 starts at $399 (BHD 150) with a release date still uncertain, the cost of iPad Mini 2 at $269 (BHD 105).

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