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Apple’s iTunes has been the premier music and video manager for computer users during the last decade or so. It’s also one of the most in-demand apps on Microsoft’s Windows 8 Store, except that Apple hasn’t made the app for it yet.

Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer recently admitted that they’ve already sat down with Apple and have rolled out the welcome mat. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t shown any inclination to develop an iTunes app for Windows 8 any time soon.

To be fair, iTunes is available on Windows 8 but only on Desktop Mode, an interface that works best with a keyboard and mouse than a touchscreen. This means a large number of Windows tablet owners are using a downgraded version of the app or worse, can’t download the app at all. With the current climate gearing towards tablets or hybrids, it is imperative that Microsoft has an iTunes app that’s optimized for touch screens.

Not everyone is surprised with Apple’s hesitance to work with Microsoft on this issue. After all, Apple is gearing up for the launch of a revamped iPad Mini with Retina display and is probably hedging its bets by not making Windows 8 tablets more desirable.

There’s now over 60,000 apps optimized for Windows 8 and the Washington-based company even has major players like Netflix and Twitter on board. The company isn’t giving up on the idea of an iTunes for Windows 8 though, and believes that the app might be available to the operating system by the time the holidays roll-in.

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