Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone”

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Apple sent out numerous invitations to members of major media outlets for a media event that is scheduled for October 4th. Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple, is set to lead the meeting. The meeting is currently set for 10AM Pacific Time. The invitations were sent out with the headline “Let’s talk iPhone” so we know there will be some major next-generation iPhone discussion happening.

The invitation itself was composed of icons from the operating system that Apple uses on its’ products. The invitation included a calendar with the date, a clock displaying the time, the maps icon which set the location at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, and the Phone icon which displayed one missed call.

This comes a week after it was first leaked that Apple was blacking out vacation days for its’ employees during the second week of October. It has been rumored that the new iPhone will come out a week after next week’s meeting.

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