Apple releases iOS 5: Get your updates

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The day has come, millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod owners finally have the chance to experience the new iOS 5 software from Apple, bringing a large number of new features, services and bug fixes.

As with every major Apple release, the new software provides users with completely new but also vastly improved features and services. With the release of iOS 5, Apple brings enhanced notifications to iOS devices, iMessage, wireless updates and iTunes syncing, widgets, Twitter integration, improved camera and photo support, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, enhanced reminders and a whole host of new and impressive features.
The new iOS 5 update will most likely be one of the last people have to make via iTunes, because the new software allows users to update their iOS devices via a new Software Update feature in the iOS software itself, downloading updates via the device’s WiFi connection and automatically applying them without the need for a physical connection.

Coupled with that is Apple’s iCloud service, which will take care of all of your music, photos, documents and other important files, wirelessly syncing them between your iOS devices but also your Mac – no longer relying on a signal piece of software to store and update data and apps on your device. 
To apply the update, connect your iOS device to your iTunes installation and check for updates. Do make sure to backup your important data and files before you do, just to be sure, but once you have downloaded the update, the software will take care of the rest. Once installed, you can all but kiss goodbye to iTunes for device updates, making you love your iOS device even more.

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