Apple Watch – Overview & Release

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After years of speculation, Apple’s official watch device is finally here. At a glance, the new wearable will come in three colors and a sapphire screen complemented with retina display allowing user interaction with utmost crisp details over its 1.5″ or 1.65″ display. Four sensors can be found on its rear including other features such as Apple Pay, Call and iMessages after syncing it through a supported iPhone. Design-wise, the watch shares much of iPhone’s aesthetics particularly the side power buttons and its curved edges.

Like an ordinary watch, however, it’s fitted with a dial called “digital crown” which controls navigation and zoom features. It is also intended to help users in gathering info about their health, working effectively with Apple’s health-related apps like HealthKit. Its wrist band is interchangeable which can be matched evenly by the watch’s on-screen theme. At launch, Apple announced there’ll be a choice of six bands, some of them made of pure leather, rugged plastic or stainless steel. Meanwhile, its internal chip is called S1 capable of handling resource-intensive apps like Maps, Twitter, Siri, etc.

Three versions are available: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Edition watch each only differing in finishes of gold, stainless steel and aluminum, respectively. Because of its Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi support, the watch needs an accompanying iPhone 5 or higher to sync with to perform calls, facetime chat or iMessaging making the handset “a must” for interested buyers of this watch. Interestingly, the wearable device features inductive charging that latches on its back like magnet minimizing dependence on power charging. Apple announced its flagship watch will have a starting price of $350 while its release will be around early next year.

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