Archos FamilyPad, The Family Tablet

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Here’s one gadget that fits the whole family: FamilyPad by Archos. It serves as an entertainment hub for any member of the family plus they can interact with the device as well. Owners can use this gizmo to do fun stuff such as playing digital board games. They can also do other things like play movies, picture sharing or log in to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. 

The FamilyPad has a big 13.3-inch display and boasts a 34cm HD screen with a 1080p resolution. Up to four people can play at the device simultaneously supported by its 10x multi-touch screen. This device can act as family organizers; it can be used as display in the kitchen, common room or in the living room. 

The technical specs of the device include an 8GB storage which can be expanded up to 32GB with the use of micro SDHC, it runs with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), a 1GB Ram and ARM cortex A8 CPU. The external features include a back and front camera at 2MP each, a Micro USB host 2.0, Micro SD slot and HDMI output. Perfect as a holiday gift, the new Archos FamilyPad will come out around December of this year at a price of for ($438 BHD 167).

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