Asus Chrome Netbook: Specs

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The term “google notebook” is something that would drive anyone crazy wondering its amazing features and specifications. But since it was revealed last year in the form of the Chrome CR-48 notebook, a lot were a bit pacified with the situation. You see, its still a great device in terms of efficiency, speed and its cloud-based storage performance, but just like all devices, it has some flaws and obviously, some enthusiasts weren’t pleased for this one. Again, if you’ll compare it with the mature hardware of the Macbook Pro / Macbook Air, the latter will get beaten no matter what side you look on it.

The good news is, it appears Google finally decided to release the Chrome OS laptop officially. And unlike the Chrome CR-48 which was only given to a small cluster of individuals, this news about Asus and Big G collaborating to release one of the cheapest netbook in the world is somewhat gaining buzz in the industry.

Just like what we predicted before, Google will be partnering with several notebook companies to support Chrome OS. If this is correct, it would be the first time we’ll see manufacturer such as Asus to reveal a laptop not running Windows-based platform for its native OS. Then again, everything is still in the rumor stage but just to give you guys a quick specs-list, the upcoming Asus Chrome laptop will run two operating systems: Chrome OS or Android 3.0, which could be dual-booted.

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