ASUS dual-screen Ultrabook

ASUS Taich dual-screen Tablet is classified as an Ultra Book considering its weight and body thickness. On the other hand, the Taichi is built to behave like a tablet when its lid is closed. Although the device features touch input, the ASUS Taichi comes complete with a QWERTY keyboard and a track pad, as it seems that the inside screen is a normal screen with no touch matrix. To emphasize on the fact that ASUS’ Ultra Books really mean performance and quality, the Taichi not only comes with Wireless N connectivity, but it also has dual-band capability. The press release mentions “SSD and HDD storage” and we would really like to see the hybrid system shown on the other ASUS ZenBooks, but we must admit that a single 2.5” SSD bay is also sufficient. The rear facing camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and the ASUS Golden Ear team worked hard to deliver crystal-clear sound with deep rich bass through its integrated speakers. The basic memory configuration will have 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and ASUS says that the keyboard of the device is detachable.  

Here’s ASUS’ Specs & features: 
“This lightweight ultraportable is available with an 11.6″, 13″ or 14″ Full HD IPS display with multi-touch capabilities. This can be detached from the full-size QWERTY keyboard* to create a highly portable tablet to give the best of both mobile worlds.” Still wonder how the detachable keyboard will work. Stay tuned for updates of release in Bahrain & pricing.

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