Asus Xtion Pro: Specs & Review

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The success of Microsoft’s Kinect for controlling Xbox 360 last year has been the inspiration of Asus’ latest release, the motion controller Xtion Pro. With Immersive Natural Interaction technology from PrimeSense, the brains behind the hardware of Kinect, Xtion Pro delivers gesture-based control for PCs to the TV in the living room.

The Asus Xtion Pro system consists of a Software Development Kit along with its main components – the Xtion camera and two Wavi boxes. Xtion camera is the one responsible for detecting movements with an effective distance between 0.8 meters and 3.5 meters; and vertical, horizontal and diagonal angles of 45°, 58° and 70° respectively. The two Wavi boxes will be the ones transmitting the received data from the camera to the computer and TV wirelessly through WHDMI technology. These are backed by a 4×5 MIMO antenna, operating at 5GHz frequency with up to 25 meters distance of transmission. The system supports Intel X86 and AMD platforms and operating systems of Windows such as XP, Vista and 7, and Linux’s Ubuntu 10.10.

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