Asus Zenbook Prime: Price & Features

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Asus has not been hiding in its shell but in fact was very busy in developing and perfecting its new line of ultrabooks (we are all glad that they did beef up their Zenbooks!). 
To start with, the new ultrabooks are dubbed by Asus as the Zenbook Prime and includes two (2) models which are the UX21A and the UX31A. As to how it looks, both models have matte finishes (this should make the books catchy in its looks). The UX21A is an 11.6-inch ultrabook while its sibling, the UX31A is about 13.3-inches. Both babies sport the 1920 x 1080 IPS panels that come with a superb viewing angle as claimed by Asus. As for the processor under the hood, it is said that Asus is still awaiting clearance from Intel. This clearance they are saying surely implies that both ultrabooks may be having the ULV Ivy Bridge dual-core processors. With the Ivy Bridge processors, one can expect that clock speeds may be able to reach 1.8 and 2.8 GHz respectively. 
The company has also been privy in sharing whether it will have the NVIDIA discrete graphics processing unit (GPU), but when asked if they are to put it on the ultrabooks, the company hinted that anything is possible. In terms of storage for data, it would not be problem as both are said to have solid state drives (SSD) which may range from 256GB up to 512GB even (space is indeed important for most users out there). As of now, no nitty-gritty details on when it would available although there is information circulating pointing that Taiwan will be the first to have a glimpse of it when the calendars turn to June. Price has not hit the radars yet but some sources say that it may be around $1,050 (BHD 410).

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