BabyU, Educational Site Designed For Toddlers

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Designed specifically for toddlers aged three and younger, BabyU houses a variety of online games and activities. These span some basic developmental building blocks such as music, math, art and vocabulary. Unsurprisingly, child development experts were consulted throughout the design of the activities, which: 1) are meant for parent/child interaction (as opposed to throwing the child in front of the screen to play alone), and 2) typically range between 5-7 minutes in duration, to meet the youngster’s attention span.

If you’ve ever raised a child, you know that a mouse and touchpad are quite intuitive, but do require a certain level of fine motor skills. Most sites and products I’ve seen don’t take this to heart. BabyU has. The activities are all built upon the use of two keys, and two alone: the space bar, and enter/return key. Unless you’ve raised a child this wouldn’t impress you as very important, but it really is—again, I speak from experience.

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