Bad Green Piggies Game by Hungry Rovio

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Rovio, Angry Birds’ developer, is releasing a sequel to the most popular mobile game in the planet. 

Dubbed as ‘Bad Piggies,’ the game will feature those pigs that have been mistreated and attacked in the previous bird-themed game with not a single Angry Bird in sight. This means we won’t be able to see all those characters from Angry Birds and their slingshots in the new game. The game plan will be entirely different though the trailer of its gameplay is still unavailable. One thing we can perhaps say is that in the new game, the pigs would surely portray a different image. 

If we have abhorred them before, chances are that we may eventually learn to like them and understand them better. According to some reports by Fast Company, the game is described as a pick-up-and-play physics puzzle game. In the new game, the notorious pigs get stranded on an island and they have to find their way to their favorite meal target, the eggs, by building vehicles and contraptions. With this new game plot, it will be interesting to know if the pigs can share the same level of success with their flying counterparts and even match the Angry Birds’ several updates and spin-offs. Rovio’s Bad Piggies will be launched on Sept 27th for iOS and Android and will cost 99 cents. 

Macs with Windows 8 and even PC versions of the game are next in line.

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