Bahrain’s Social Media Thugs (Revised)

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As a responsible citizen & a Bahraini Technology Reviewer, I would bring in light the recent events shadowing Bahrain & answer many questions in mind of web surfers & Social Media users in Bahrain.

As the deadly shadow passed away from our streets we have noticed that many social media thugs have repeatedly posted in their blogs, Facebook & Twitter their uncivilized views & untrue stories. They just re-tweeted any false information & comments without even knowing the consequences of spreading the hate through their lies.
Most of these thugs don’t have any education or degree in Politics, Pubic Relationship or Media. I think they don’t follow the protocols & laws to write responsibly. They spread hate by promoting organized illegal gatherings dates & planned events that terrorized Bahrain in past days.

Bahrain have become a ticking time bomb in their hand, many unexperienced youth just followed these thugs & reposted the lies on their personal Facebook & Twitter pages.

Please I request every responsible youth who cares about Bahrain & the future of coming generations stop following the criminals. Whether you know them from Facebook, Twitter or through their blogs report any false story as a responsible citizen to the Authorities with a screen capture.

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