Baidu Phone Changhong H5018

Baidu is like the Chinese counterpart of Google, both starting with a search engine then ventured out to creating an operating system before finally partnering with a mobile phone manufacturer to create their own smartphone.  
Baidu phone, specs of this new device includes an MTK6573 650MHz processor, 3.5-inch touchscreen 480 x 320 display, a camera with a 3 megapixel sensor, dual-SIM capability, a microSD slot, and a 1,400mAh battery that cannot be removed. It also runs on a Baidu Cloud Smart Terminal Platform which is essentially a Baidu-enhanced Android Gingerbread operating system so you can expect voice search, voice control, and other online services from Baidu including 100GB cloud storage space. The phone itself bears a distinctive resemblance to Nokia’s Lumia 800 with its matte housing with brightly colored backing. Many have remarked on this move by China to promote locally-produced devices as similar to Japan’s strategy of creating local phones made especially for their own people. The Baidu phone (ChangHong H5018) will cost abou US$160 (BHD 55).

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