Baidu’s Total View, Google Street view clone

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Google’s Street View, despite the criticism, is one of the most interesting tools the company has ever created. Anyone can now visit any corner of the Earth and see what it actually looks like from their phone or laptop.

It’s understandable then that others would want a similar tool in the mapping products. But technology like Street View requires quite an investment in technology, but also in equipment and people.

Still, recently, we’ve seen a few new players come out. Nokia is working on its own version of Street View, and now Baidu is doing the same.

Total View is the name of the Street View alternative from Baidu. Since Google doesn’t operate the service, or any service these days, in China, Baidu, the leading search engine there, is taking its place.

Total View is only available in a few places for now, but Baidu is probably working on expanding it.

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