Batelco Announces IPTV in Bahrain

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Batelco, the leading internet service provider in Bahrain, is delighted to announce that IPTV will soon be available for Broadband customers in two newly developed areas. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is arguably the most innovative product to be delivered for residents of the Kingdom for some time and is expected to change customers’ life style when it comes to watching TV.

Batelco Bahrain Chief Executive Rashid Abdulla said he is thrilled that Batelco is once again pioneering a unique and innovative product for its customers.

“The delivery of digital television channels via our Broadband lines enables Batelco to offer superb advanced interactive services with a wide range of channels and additional benefits including Video on Demand content in full HD (High Definition).”

“Among the key features of the new IPTV service is user friendliness, as customers can watch whatever they want, whenever they want and enjoy a wide variety of content on a single Set Top Box,” Mr. Abdulla said.

Batelco’s IPTV service will be capable of delivering comprehensive content with FTA (Free to Air) channels and all subscription-based bouquets such as Orbit Showtime Network, Abu Dhabi and more to come soon.

In addition, a free Video on Demand (VOD) library will offer approximately up to 200 movies, series, documentaries etc., with monthly updates to the programme menu. Moreover, the latest movies will be available in the comfort of your own home with a single click at very affordable prices through transactional VOD.

Customers will be able to search for content by actor, director, key words, viewers’ ratings and mostly watched shows.

Batelco will deliver IPTV in partnership with Selevision, one of the leading innovative companies in the Interactive TV technologies market. Batelco will continue developing the service as it prepares to extend the service to more areas and additional subscribers.

Batelco subscribers who are residents of Reef Island are invited to visit any Batelco Retail Shop to sign up for IPTV today, visit or call 196 to find out how to get connected to a whole new world of viewing pleasure.

Source: Batelco Press Release

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