Batelco Launches New BD12 1MB Package

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Batelco is delighted to announce the launch of a new consumer Broadband package priced at only BD12 which delivers a speed of up to 1Mbps with 4 GB threshold limit. Batelco, as the Kingdom’s leading Broadband services provider has designed this package to offer a‘full throttle’ Broadband experience at the best value for money for its budget conscious customers. Additionally, Batelco is offering free registration for all new subscribers.

This BD12 package follows Batelco’s recent overhaul of all its consumer Broadband packages, Also there are number of other broadband packages offered by Batelco BD10/ 640kb/2GB package and the BD15/1Mb/ 8GB package.

For details about Batelco’s full range of Broadband packages or any of Batelco’s products, services and current promotions, please visit, or visit any Batlco Retail Shop or phone 196.


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