Beats by Dre Executive Headphones

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The Beats Executive headphones are a premium gadget that makes use of a new noise cancellation feature that blocks out the outside world. The device has two AAA battery powered microphones integrated into its design that adjusts the noise cancelling feature according to the wearer’s environment. 

It also has an auto-shutoff for when the headphone’s not in use, thereby saving precious battery life. The sound still has the same high quality that’s a signature of Beats. The bass is thundery and the high notes crystal clear. Unlike the vivid colors and cool designs of its predecessor, the Beats Executive lives up to its grown-up name by using brushed metal and leather for the listening pads and headband. 

The swivel design and trademark B is still there but the ear-cups are folded flat, making it more compact that the Beats Studio or Solo. The headsets are now available for $300 (BHD 115), a really good buy for a rocking product with quality that rivals even those of the established Bose.

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