Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Despite its possible security and privacy risks, Cloud Computing – according to a magazine article due to be published later this Fall – has six main benefits that the public sector and government IT organizations are certain to want to take advantage of. In very brief summary form they are as follows:

1. Reduced Cost
Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money.

2.Increased Storage
Organizations can store more data than on private computer systems.

3. Highly Automated
No longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping software up to date.

4. Flexibility
Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing methods.

5. More Mobility
Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks.

6. Allows IT to Shift Focus
No longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, government organizations will be free to concentrate on innovation.

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