Biker’s Speedometer Vest

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In our daily car drive routes we face an interaction with a cyclist & a lot of people will honk their horns at them thinking they’re riding too slowly, when in fact they’re most likely riding at the same speed as the guy honking in the car. Cycling advocate Brady Clark designed a lightweight night-cycling vest that displays the cyclist’s current speed in glowing, 7-inch-tall numbers that’s very visible to drivers.

Clark posted his step-by-step guide on how to make your own Speed Vest on Make, and begs the question of his readers whether it would make a difference if car drivers actually knew how fast a biker was going, “would they be more willing to share the road?”

Clark completed the project in a “maniac three-day push.” He used an Arduino microntroller that reads input from an “off-the-shelf bike speedometer sensor.” The sensor switches power and sends the info to numbers that are sewn onto the back of the vest and are made out of electroluminescent wire.

It’s really a neat little project that’s explained in so much detail on Make that it’s easy to follow along and make yourself.

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