BlackBerry 10 updates

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BlackBerry fans can rejoice as the Canada-based smartphone maker has some new devices up its sleeve. Research In Motion (RIM) revealed that it will be launching six brand new smartphones that run on its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system in early 2013. The devices will cater to the entry-level, middle, and high-end consumer market. 

RIM gave a sneak peek of two of its six BlackBerry 10 devices to Pocket-lint recently. The names of handsets have not been disclosed, but some experts suggests that these devices could be given the monikers BlackBerry London and BlackBerry Nevada. 

Previously, in a statement to a developers blog, BlackBerry confirmed the standardization of the screen resolution – “Full touch devices: 1280 x 720 (16:9) and Keyboard devices: 720 x720 (1:1)” .

However, in recent times, the Canadian smartphone maker has lost a hefty chunk of its market share to other players like Samsung, Apple, and Nokia.

Here is an official BlackBerry 10 sneak peek video

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