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It’s been less than a week since Research In Motion (RIM) launched its new BlackBerry Voice service in the Beta Zone and the Canadian company is now introducing a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). 

The new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application is now available for download via Beta Zone and brings only a few new features, such as additional emoticons, Profile Configuration option to modify incoming BBM voice ring tone and personal status message “In a Voice Chat.” 

However, the latest update for BBM brings a huge list of bug fixes and improvements, which are meant to enhance the BBM Voice service and make it smoother. 

For those who have yet to own a valid a BlackBerry Beta Zone account, check out below some of the changes included in this update: 

 – BBM chats were not restored during device upgrade. User has to sign into BBID and then re-restore the chats from the backup file; 
– Incoming call doesnt ring if user is in camera app; 
– Speaker enabled when incoming call rejected and already on BBM Voice call;
– Messages from BBM Voice are cut off frequently; 
– Device switch failed, client stuck at “Restoring BBM” state; 
– After hanging up after a voice chat longer than 5 minutes, the device that did not hang up remains on the calling screen; 
– With a song playing, when a user receives a BBM Voice call the music continues to play in the background of the ringtone; 
– User cannot accept calls properly while content protection enabled and password locked; 
– While recording a voice note, if an BBM Voice chat is initiated no audio is heard between devices; – Avatar display picture not being updated correctly for BBM Voice calls; 
– Broadcast messages are received in black text; 
– Active BBM Voice calls are randomly disconnecting; 
– Contacts see each other as unavailable although both are registered and can see other contacts as available.

check out BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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