BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X concept – BMW’s future SUV

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With a functional full-width heads-up display, the Neue Klasse X is almost ready.

Last year, at the IAA show in Berlin, BMW gave us a first look at what it calls the Neue Klasse, a “new class” of sedan that would not only drive BMW into its electric future, but also create a platform with greater efficiency and driving dynamics than we’ve yet seen from the German brand.

Now, the company is showing us an evolution of that concept. A taller one at that, to see just how that same idea for future electrification would apply to an SUV. In keeping with BMW’s naming conventions, this one’s called the Neue Klasse X. The styling is somewhat predictable in that regard, since it is a taller version of what we saw in the Neue Klasse sedan.

What’s more interesting is what we can see on the inside, with a more-functional interior that gives us a look at BMW’s Panoramic Vision, a heads-up display that spans the entire windscreen. That, plus cool ambient lighting and other interesting features, including the large language model voice assistant they demoed at CES. We’re about a year away from seeing this at dealerships, but you can take an early sneak peek with us from a preview event right now.

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