BodyGuard Blanket safes your Kids lifes

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They refer to it as a ‘protective blanket’ but its official name is Bodyguard Blanket, a blanket-like bulletproof pad conceptualized by a podiatrist. The product is intended to protect kids in school from the dangers of tornado or bullets, strayed or not, measuring 9mm. An Oklahoma company ProTech was able to create the pad out of a super-thick polyethelene Dyneema which is stronger than Kevlar.

The chances of survival using this blanket is therefore higher since it can stop a blunt-force trauma associated with falling objects resulting from a tornado or a direct hit of a bullet although it only measures 5/16-inch with rectangular features and a backpack-like straps. Dyneema is a plastic with high-density ideal for ballistic armor. The blankets do not come cheap however, since a piece costs a thousand bucks if every child is provided with one.

But it’s cheaper than building a tornado shelter for the children offering only as an alternative replacement in case none other is available. There’s no indication for now as to when the blankets reach major markets around the world and its actual market price. For now, the product is initially provided for the children in Oklahoma and nearby areas.

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