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One of the greatest things to come up in the 21st century is the ability to record a show without annoying commercials. But recording all the great shows and movies requires storage that most of us don’t have. But Boxee TV seems to have come up with an answer, by storing all recordings in the cloud (online storage).

Boxee recently confirmed reports about a new Boxee TV. The device boasts of a system that allows users to watch high-def programs and record their favorite shows on the unlimited cloud-storage. So we don’t need to worry about whether we should delete old episodes to make space for the new season of our favorite series. For just $15 a month, Boxee’s No Limits DVR lets us keep our shows. 

The shows are all instantly uploaded to our online storage locker via an Ethernet cable or thru WiFi and we can watch them on TV using the Boxee box or on a computer through any browser. Right now though, Boxee TV is only available in select areas with additional markets opening next year. It will officially be available on November and priced about $100 (BHD 38).

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