Casio G-Shock GB6900 – iPhone Integration

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Casio is flaunting their latest flagship in the technological market with the new G-Shock GB6900. For several years now, the company has been reinventing the wristwatch by integrating it with the latest technologies. With the addition of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), wristwatch loyalists now have more exciting possibilities in the way they deal with watching time and even beyond. 

 The G-Shock GB6900 delivers several intelligent tasks such as time syncing through Bluetooth, incoming email and call alerts, Find Me function when activating the iPhone’s alarm and vibration features with the G-shock’s own buttons. If you find the alarm sounds a little bit annoying, you can easily silence it by tapping its face twice. You are also assured that your phone is always within range as the G-Shock GB6900 can give you a notification if it suspects that your phone is misplaced. It is time zone sensitive as it automatically self-adjusts to the existing time zone as indicated by your iPhone’s time data. 

Since the watch is powered by BLE, it performs wireless communication functions through its single and standard one-cell battery giving you loads of low power consumption. There’s no need to recharge or replace the battery which has a lifespan of around two years as long as the Bluetooth technology has an average use of 12 hours a day. Priced at $180 (BHD 68).

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