China’s Answer to i-phone ( hi-Phone )

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Amazing tech invention by the chines aliens over i-phone, they came up with a blow to apple with (((((( HI-PHONE ))))).
Ladies and gentlemen, say Hi! to the new HiPhone“. For only It’s $200 (plus $15 shipping), you’ll get what iPhones can give, and more (like TWO Sim slots, triband GSM, is unlocked and carries no contract, & comes with TWO batteries too.)

So say goodbye to your iPhones and just say “Hi” to the new king of fake phones.

3 Critical:

  1. So Practical – yeah, cheaper means less durable most of the time, but come to think of it, you’re still gonna replace your iPhones sooner anyway right? Why Spend Much?
  2. 2 Is Better Than 1 – talking about having to use two sim cards, and two batteries. Who wouldn’t want more?.
  3. Made In China – makes me wonder…. What isn’t?

You can buy “HiPhone” from

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