China’s Longest High-Speed Railway

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China really does want to prove the world that it is a force to be reckoned with. It has finally unveiled its new railways system which boasts to be the “longest high-speed railway” in the world. According to historians, people from Beijing (found in the northern part of China) who want to go to Guangzhou in the south need to have at least 24 hours for the travel through train. Fortunately for them, the Chinese has opened its new train system to slash the 24-hour travel into a whopping 8 hours only. Imagine that. Being able to go over 1,428 miles in 8 hours is an amazing feat. Apparently, the train has an average speed of 186mph for the trip from Beijing to Guangzhou. At least five provinces gets passed through during this particular trip. 

The Railway is actually divided in four main parts. One main station is found in Beijing, another in Zhengzhou, a third one in Wuhan and the fourth in Guangzhou. At least about 155 pairs of trains will be travelling through the line each day, passing through over 35 cities in China. Authorities envision the system to hopefully reach up to Hong Kong in the future. On the other hand, trains that were already running from China to Hong Kong will still be used. 

The new Chinese HSR did not come to be without any problems. Many people have been quite concerned over the accidents that occurred during the making of the tracks. There was even one train crash during a trip using the new railway. Others say that the project costs too much and the sustainability is not sure. Hopefully, everything will work out in the end since many authorities in China believe that the railway system will help their country in their development and progress. 

For those who are interested in travelling through the new system, buying a standard ticket will cost about ($139 / BHD 53). The prices for the train tickets are a bit costly but many have said that the trains are far cheaper than planes so many are willing to go by train instead.

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