China’s WB-1 Microwave Pain Gun – Future Weapons

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Nonlethal forms of suppression have come a long way and they are now being used worldwide to subdue and put into order unwanted persons, mobs and situations without the fear of mass casualties. From private security groups to police officers, these alternative weapons are proving to be the next line of defense and security.

China is also making things interesting on this side of nonlethal force. Known as the Poly WB-1, the vehicle is equipped long-range weapon that uses millimeter-wave beams that could inflict “overwhelming pain” up to a kilometer away without necessarily killing them. The weapon is somewhat akin to the US’ 2010 Raytheon Active Denial System (ADS) that literally heats the target’s water molecules under his skin to the extent that’s so excruciating, it can incapacitate the suspect. To put things is practical terms, it’s the same as nuking your leftover dinner on your microwave.

China is planning to deploy the Poly WB-1 to safeguard their waters, but it will still stand with an inquiry on whether or not it could differentiate itself from ADS, which took around 16 hours to start. The US version also proved to be inoperable when succumbed to heavy rain or dust. By this, the engineers behind the WB-1 needs to do a little overtime considering that it will act as sentinels of the high seas

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