Chinese Hackers Steal US Weapon Info

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It’ll be a doomsday scenario for the US if no appropriate steps are immediately taken about the hacking or unauthorized access of vital information relating defense weapons system. The information provided by the Defense Science Board and leaked to Washington Post hinted the possible involvement of Chinese hackers in the latest national security breach which could compromise all information regarding the US advanced weapon system including electronic warfare, the use of drones, the PAC-3 or Patriot missile system, the Aegis ballistic-missile, the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), the Black Hawk helicopter, the Littoral Combat Ship, the V-22 Opsrey, and the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The report also indicates that at least two dozens of such weapons system have been stolen, accessed, or copied by way of cybertheft committed by hackers known to emanate from China, although the report didn’t mention the country by name. The report also mentioned about the Defense Department’s incapacity to deal with the threat given its present state of technology. However, the report and some analysts have no one to blame except the defense contractors, which may be unaware of the unauthorized intrusion or access until their attention is called by the FBI. While the government is keeping its options open but they have remained on the table for now. It is the first time that China was named as the culprit as the communist superpower is investing substantially for the modernization of its military.

On the other hand, the US government is making its observation publicly known to the extent of informing China about the need to control the cyber-activities of its citizens. The supposedly confidential information shows how the US is capable of addressing the issue of information cyber-theft without necessarily engaging in a word war with China or making an act of provocation that could endanger diplomatic relations between the two superpowers. It is not clear though why this information is allowed to go public despite its confidential nature but it could be an indirect way of blaming China and calling the attention of its leaders without going through the tedious way of a diplomatic protest or copyright arbitration. One thing is sure, that US defense system has been compromised indeed.

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