Cisco sells off Linksys To Belkin

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The famous Linksys brand (which includes its current employees and products), and Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit have been recently bought by Belkin. With this, Cisco will not have any more take on consumer business. Despite the deal being so much talked about, financial details have been kept under wraps. People believe that Linksys did not come cheap. Belkin’s new acquisition will put the company up top in the list of U.S. retail home and small businesses networking that play in the market. 

As for the customers of Linksys, Belkin CEO Chet Pipkin has promised that support and warranties under the Linksys brand will still be acknowledged. Also, Pipkin maintained that the Linksys brand will not be put down but instead it will just be working under the Belkin umbrella company. Since both Belkin and Linksys play in the home networking market, there was a question as to how the company will maintain Linksys together with its main brand. Apparently, Belkin is more focused on smartphones and tablets because of its simple and user-friendly interfaces. Linksys, on the other hand, works well will systems which need reliability as well as a great system. In the future, Belkin plans to develop complementary products for it brands and hopefully succeed soon.

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