Citrix Receiver: Access Windows On Chromebook

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The release of the first Google Netbook last year was flooded, both by negative and positive response from critiques who feel there’s really not much of a need for a notebook with an OS living on the cloud and needs constant internet connection for it to work. Well, after a couple months of wait, we have the Chromebooks and while its sales aren’t as bold as those products powered by Windows and Mac OS X, it appears some enthusiasts are finding the light and the effective ways to use this in business.

Speaking of which, the Chrome Web Store reveals Citrix last week which promises to let users access their Windows-based computers via Chromebook using its fast Virtualization technology.

To be more specific, Citrix Receiver Tech Preview was already available on Macs, Windows even mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry letting users access these devices via Citrix’s virtualization environment; likewise, the company also included this option for Chromebooks recently letting you do different things such as accessing your applications on a windows-based computer on-the-go, keeping your files on its cloud-based servers and the ability to move files from your desktop, to smartphone or tablet with ease.

However, there’s still a lot of limitation with this app since it doesn’t let you have a real Windows-client installed on your Chromebook, it only acts as a virtualization network for transferring files, etc.

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